hollow [adj1] empty, hollowed out alveolate, arched, carved out, cavernous, cleft, concave, cupped, cup-shaped, curved, deep-set, depressed, dimpled, excavated, incurved, indented, infundibular, notched, not solid, pitted, striated, sunken, troughlike, unfilled, vacant, vaulted, void; concepts 483,490 —Ant. convex, full, raised, solid hollow [adj2] deep, resonant in sound cavernous, clangorous, dull, echoing, flat, ghostly, low, muffled, mute, muted, resounding, reverberant, ringing, roaring, rumbling, sepulchral, sounding, thunderous, toneless, vibrant, vibrating; concept 594 —Ant. high, light, soft hollow [adj3] meaningless empty, fruitless, futile, idle, nugatory, otiose, pointless, specious, unavailing, useless, vain, worthless; concept 560 —Ant. earnest, meaningful, sincere, substantial hollow [adj4] false, artificial cynical, deceitful, faithless, flimsy, hypocritical, insincere, treacherous, unsound, weak; concept 267 —Ant. frank, genuine, honest, real, sincere, truthful hollow [n] empty or dented area basin, bottom, bowl, cave, cavern, cavity, chamber, channel, cleft, concavity, crater, cup, dale, den, depression, dimple, dip, dish, excavation, groove, gulf, hole, indentation, notch, pit, pocket, sag, scoop, sinkage, sinkhole, socket, trough, vacuity, valley, void; concepts 740,754 —Ant. solid hollow [v] empty out; make concave channel, chase, corrugate, dent, dig, dish, ditch, excavate, furrow, gorge, groove, indent, notch, pit, rabbet, remove, rut, scoop, shovel, trench; concepts 178,211 —Ant. fill, make convex, raise

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  • Hollow — Hol low, a. [OE. holow, holgh, holf, AS. holh a hollow, hole. Cf. {Hole}.] 1. Having an empty space or cavity, natural or artificial, within a solid substance; not solid; excavated in the interior; as, a hollow tree; a hollow sphere. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • hollow — adj empty, *vain, nugatory, otiose, idle Ana & Contrasted words: see those at EMPTY adj 2 hollow n cavity, *hole, pocket, void, vacuum Analogous words: excavation, digging (see corresponding verbs at DIG): * …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

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  • Hollow — Hol low, v. i. To shout; to hollo. [1913 Webster] Whisperings and hollowings are alike to a deaf ear. Fuller. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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